New gadgets from CES 2018 that you can buy right now

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Robots that teach you how to code are a dime a dozen these days. Most are just a slightly different take on the same exact idea, but Root is special. Of all the coding robots we have ever seen, it’s arguably one of the best. Why? Well, in addition to being outrageously simple and intuitive to use, it is also designed to teach you more than just the basics. It’s a full-spectrum, interactive coding teacher that can take you from beginner (or intermediate) to seasoned pro — all at your own pace.

Linksquare is essentially a handheld device that allows you to scan and identify virtually anything — foods, drinks, medicines, or anything else composed of physical matter in a liquid or solid state. How? The device uses an age-old method of materials analysis known as near-infrared spectroscopy. Basically, this process involves shining a near-infrared light onto the surface of a given material, which causes the molecules to vibrate and bounce back light in their own unique way. This reflected light is then collected and passed through a spectrometer (think of it like a prism) that separates the light out into all the different wavelengths it contains. By analyzing the unique optical signature of the scanned material, Linksquare can determine what it is made out of.

Corsair launched a slew of new gear at CES 2018, and luckily you don’t have to wait around to get your hands on it. Arguably the most exciting unveiling was the company’s new K63 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard — which actually won a CES 2018 Innovation Award. In addition to a claimed 75 hours of rechargeable battery life, the K63 can connect to your PC via either a 1 millisecond 2.4GHz Bluetooth connection, or a wired USB connection if you need sub-millisecond latency. Plus, as if that wasn’t cool enough already, you can also customize the backlighting on a per-key basis, and program custom macros if that is how you roll. It even has 128-bit AES encryption to protect you against keylogging.


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