Software Trends to Watch in 2018

Internet of Things evolution


A breakdown of the top software trends of the moment. Edge Computing, Push Technology or Chatbots are among the main trends that will shape the future of the software industry.

Software Industry evolves fast. Just when you think you got up-to-date with a tool or solution it becomes obsolete and new techs and ideas become dominant.

To better understand these changes and to uncover the biggest challenges and best practices, we have used Linknovate’s open innovation platform to identify the top 5 software industry trends that are poised to impact the industry in the upcoming months.

Edge Computing Software Evolution

Nearly everything is turning into a data-collecting device, and we need better and faster methods for processing it. That is where Edge Computing plays its decisive role. Edge Computing processes the data near to the source of data (the device). It saves time and money from porting all of the data to a centralized data centre.

As we can see in the graphs below, as IoT adoption has been growing during the last decade, Edge Computing’s also did. And both curves look enlighteningly similar. No wonder why Edge Computing is one of the fastest-growing software trends.

Top Organizations in Edge Computing Software

As edge computing becomes a priority, there is an ever-growing number of tech giants and disruptive startups’ collaborations… and acquisitions.

Out of the top 10 organizations innovating in Edge Computing software, 5 are big tech corporations (Microsoft, Facebook, IBM, Intel, and Google) and the other 5 are promising startups and SMEs that have all had important announcements during the last year:

  • Schneider Electric has won the DCS Award for single-rack, micro datacenter solutions
  • ADLINK Technology has joined the Telecom Infra Project to accelerate edge computing
  • VMware has partnered with Eurotech to address the emerging architecture needs of edge computing nodes.
  • The Linux Foundation is leading the collaborative project EdgeX Foundry to build a simplification and standardization of Industrial IoT Edge Computing. Samsung and Toshiba are among the members.
  • and Vapor IO has won the DatacenterDynamics Global Award for Edge Computing.


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