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Finished Minigame Popular idle games 3. Collect the feedback and reply to comments sincerely, so the users will know what the game is all about (even though it is a weekend-project/ hobby – let users know this, so they won't expect that you will be developing the game 24/7). Admit problems, issues AND fix them.
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Idle games aren’t just about sitting back. There’s a significant element of interaction in the gameplay: players happily tap and upgrade, watching themselves progress at an exponential rate. Which, again, bodes well for integrated ads. 6. Cow Evolution by Tapps Games Sign up
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This is by far our favorite feature that almost all idle games have. In most idle games, clicking produces extra units for you, but you can still make units without doing anything at all. So, if you still need lots of money to make it to that next upgrade, but you have to go to school or work or whatever, you can just walk away and let it play! It won’t earn quite as fast as if you were there, but it will still bring in a lot of units while you’re gone. Then, you can simply sit back down and keep going – isn’t that amazing? This works for idle rpg games, idle miner games and virtually every other idle game around. We have reduced support for legacy browsers. The gameplay involves developing your own airlines. We buy more and faster planes and put them in motion by moving them to the runway. Each subsequent flight pictured in the form of a circle brings us income. Progress is pleasant, we quickly gain more positions for airplanes and runways. Most fun makes pairing the same models and creating faster units. The player intuitively awaits the moment until it will be possible to create completely a new airplane in their fleet. Such game in associations is strongly addictive and gives constant supply of dopamine.