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With a great story and tight gameplay, Resident Evil 7 was the addition to the horror series we all wanted and feared we wouldn't get. The success of the game, along with the recent remakes of earlier titles in the series, is enough to make us think Capcom will be giving us scares for a good while yet. Multiplayer horror games pc Alien: Isolation is among the best games of 2014. It’s a horror game about being stuck on a space station with a (spoiler) big scary alien, which, thanks to some devious AI and level design, is more terrifying than it ever has any right to be. As we discovered while writing our Alien: Isolation review, this horror game is effectively a first-person hiding simulator – your monstrous stalker can’t be beaten, shot, or bashed into submission.
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- Bug fixes and performance improvements SQUAD’s favorite games of 2019 Phasmophobia is a horror game in the indie genre, with the primary goal being to have a team of four or fewer hunt ghosts in different environments. Some of the maps include settings such as prisons, homes, and schools. The overall goal for the team members is to try to gather as much data on the paranormal activity as possible, to figure out what type of ghost is haunting the place — getting them individually paid. While this may sound simple, players shouldn't be fooled. Phasmophobia provides some of the biggest scares of any horror game in recent history.
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Which horror games are you most looking forward to this year? Let us know in the comments! DEAD BY DAYLIGHT The game works well on all the devices however some users complain about the bugs in the game. Overall, there are no significant drawbacks and you and your friends are going to have a lot of fun while playing this horror game!
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PC gamers who are still grumpy about Silent Hill never arriving on the platform can at least enjoy The Glass Staircase, an indie horror game inspired not just by Silent Hill’s pacing and setting, but also by the series PS2-era graphics. Developed by Puppet Combo – the retro games genius behind Power Drill Massacre, Nun Massacre, The Night Ripper, and many more – this eerie horror game puts you in control of a girl in a mysterious boarding house where each morning you’re ordered to take a pill and obey commands barked at you through an intercom. Friday the 13th: The Game Anime and Manga Games