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Ive players recruits amount to enlist. If the player wants to increase the enlistment speed and the number of rookies, they must upgrade the bus station. With a little start-up funding, players will have to update the things needed for Bus Stop, such as Bus Frequency (time for recruits to enlist), Bus Seat (Number of recruits each time the bus arrives). Upgrades have no limits, and as long as players have money, they can upgrade as many times as they want. Android 1 idle army base URBAN WAR - be alert when going through SWAT training in house-to-house combat training.
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No owned groups Idle Army Base Download for PC Windows 10/8/7 Laptop: And together with intuitive visual experiences, Idle Army Base also introduces Android gamers to the immersive and enjoyable audio experiences. Find yourself enjoying your interesting play of military simulation with the realistic sound effects, where everything around you would make you feel like you're actually on a training camp.
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You are a Tank Commander and your mission is to drive around the top view landscape in various directions and destroy all the enemies fuel dumps. As you drive your tank you must avoid the other enemy tanks as well as a jet-fighter that appears occasionally and bombs you. The terrain of the landscape consists of rivers, hills and trees with the rivers having to be crossed by bridges and the hills drove round. The trees can be fired on to remove or just run over them, and a road can be driven on but this attracts the enemy. Your ammo has to be watched as you only have a limited supply and if you are hit by the enemy then you lose one of four lives. Two players can play and each player takes it in turns to play when the other player is killed. App Store Optimization Just Tap on your player avatar in game and select Redemption Code
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Idle Army Base Hack Choose Language Idle Army Base Mod APK will give you unlimited coins and stars. With these unlimited resources, you will be able to do anything in the game. You can upgrade the training stations and build a new one very easily.