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Enough people i know own this game just to have some fun with their family. It was heavily bundled with Switch in the U.K so this update is actually the least Nintendo should have done. Hopefully this will mean they either continue to support it or any sequel comes with much better online options from the outset. They should just add a DLC boards pack and make the Base game a "Nintendo Selects" first wave game (along with MK8, BotW and Oddessey). Mario party online with friends It’s worth noting that this update is only available to those who own a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.
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Fast forward to today, Nintendo has finally released a free update that addresses the limited Online Play mode. With this update, players can finally play full games with friends, along with co-op 2v2 Partner Party. New Console, Same Weird Multiplayer Mario Party boards with randoms
Mario party online with friends

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They're sweat-resistant, too. Super Mario Party would like you to be nicer to your friends Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store.
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Nintendo really needs to bring out a update for Super Mario Party where you can play online boardgames with friends. We need it now more than ever during this self-isolation times where we can't go over to a friends house to play. It feels like Nintendo is just completely ignoring this issue and won't do any about it just so they can release SMP2 with more boards and better online play just for the money. SMP actually was a really good game at first and I always thought they would release DLC/updates because there were not enough boards but it's been 2 years since they release and we got 0 updates... How to Play Online in Super Mario Party This guide explains how to play Super Mario Party's Mario Party, Partner Party, and Minigames game modes online with friends.