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Https:// Nintendo switch fit adventure Quick Play mode is for those who simply want to jump right into the action and exercise immediately without worrying about the gradual level progression of Adventure Mode. There are several sets of exercises that target various parts of the body. It feels like this mode was specifically targeted toward the adults in a given household who want the health benefits of Ring Fit Adventure without having to power through a story campaign geared for children. It's also handy if you don't need a well-rounded routine but instead want to focus on certain target areas of your body.
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Exercise and video games don’t usually go hand-in-hand. Sure, exercise has fallen victim to “gamification,” turning steps and reps into points and percentages to compare against friends. But video games themselves have remained largely low-intensity, save for the efforts of some, like Nintendo, whose Wii Fit fitness game sold millions of copies. Now, Nintendo is back at it again with Ring Fit Adventure ($79), another attempt from the company to get people up and active while they’re playing. Share This Episode It's often said that the hardest thing about running is putting on your trainers and getting out the door. The fear we have with Ring Fit Adventure is that you'll lack the time, energy, or inclination to play it often. That means it could, just like the Balance Board, end up gathering dust in a cupboard.
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Squeeze the Ring-Con to smash little robots. The Machine Photo credit: Brothers BrickHelen Sham, the photographer who created this…
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The game uses two new Nintendo accessories: a Ring-Con and a leg strap. The Ring-Con is a circular contraption that looks like a steering wheel and acts as the controller. The leg strap helps measure your movements. Ring Fit caught me slippin' Ring Fit Adventure hits the sweet spot for an exercise title. There's enough depth to the RPG elements to keep you coming back day-in, day-out, without ever becoming so inaccessibly deep as to put anyone who's never touched Skyrim.